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Minus Fiber was born from the desire to create a healthier society.

We believe life starts from the inner energy we gain through healthy lifestyle and clear conscience product which is made with health in mind. Beauty radiates from within, and there’s nothing more beautiful than that. With this simple idea, Minus Fiber was born.

Proven to contain higher fiber content than other market products, Minus Fiber offers you the best detox drink made from Europe imported fruits powder, vegetables and grains with no genetically engineered and irradiated ingredients. All ingredients are processed under state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to preserve its aromas, flavors and nutrients.

Body Detox

Formulated by Nutritionist &
Cleanse Specialist

No side effects Minus Fiber

Safe and no Side Effect

100% natural, preservative,
colour, laxative FREE

Minus Fiber Quality

Tested & Proven

Classified by Ministry of Health
Malaysia MOH

Award Wining



| Detoxification

Activating our body’s natural detoxification system and self-healing ability. Minus Fiber travels through our gut sweeping and flushing out harmful toxins from the intestine, encouraging the speedy elimination of toxins from our system.

| Prevent Constipation & Reduce bloating

Best known for its ability to prevent constipation, Minus Fiber relieves constipation by stimulating intestine movement. It adds bulk and allows more water to remain in your stool, making waste softer, larger and thus easier to pass through your intestines.

| Anti-Aging

MINUS FIBER is rich in fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that protect our cells against radical damage, representing a perfect anti-aging ingredient. It helps to improve metabolic functions and can improve overall cardiovascular function as well.

| Boost Gut Bacteria

Fibers feed and promote the growth of good bacteria in our colon that contribute to healthy intestinal flora. They boost overall health by improving immune function, reducing inflammation and chronic disease, and even help regulate mood.

| Weight Management

Minus Fiber is a powerful natural appetite suppressant, which can help you to lose weight. It has the ability to swell up to 50 times to form a gel-like substance in the gut, helping you feel fuller for longer without adding extra calories to your diet.

| Reduce LDL (bad) Cholesterol

Fiber is the best food to reduce cholesterol naturally. It binds with cholesterol and move them out of the body before they’re absorbed, lowering our blood bad cholesterol level and prevent them from building up in blood vessel walls.


A good detox is actually easier—and tastier—than you might think!

Poor dietary habits can cause accumulation of waste material in the colon, especially if your diet is lacking in fiber. A clogged, unhealthy colon allows toxins to back up into the liver and bloodstream, polluting the entire system.

MINUS FIBER is designed to detox your body effortlessly with only one sachet a day. It supports a healthy digestive tract by sweeping debris from the colon, much like a broom. The detox works just like normal defecation, without intense stomachache or diarrhea. 

Simply drink a sachet before breakfast or before sleep.
Cleanse away the pounds and toxins, torture-free!


Our Happy Customers

Detox Your Body with Minus Fiber Today!

1 Box - RM110
3 Boxes - RM330   RM270

Detox Your Body with Minus Fiber Today!

1 Box - RM110
3 Boxes - RM330   RM270

Detox Your Body with Minus Fiber Today!

1 Box - RM110
3 Boxes - RM330   RM270

Detox Your Body with Minus Fiber Today!

1 Box - RM110
3 Boxes - RM330   RM270

Detox Your Body with Minus Fiber Today!

1 Box - RM110
3 Boxes - RM330   RM270

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